W. GALLERY is an Internet-based art gallery featuring digital images of art works by selected Korean artists such as Sung-Hee Kim and Jong-Bok Kim. The former is widely recognized for her poetic composition of pictures in warm gray tones, while the latter is one of the representative figures in Korea's contemporary art scene and is famous for her
long-time pursuit of mountainscapes, characterized by the splendid colors and unhindered strokes with which she expresses her works.

Opening in Nov. 2004, this site is in the first place exhibiting more than 500 selected paintings of artist Sung-Hee Kim,
in chronological order. Also featured are her works that have appeared on the TV drama scenes, and those that are
owned by private collectors.

Please refer to the list and site links below as for other member artists and collections of W. GALLERY.
W. GALLERY is maintained for personal entertainment, information and communication of those who love Art, as well as
for dealings of art works, off-line exhibition planning, publishing books of paintings and *home-page management service
for artists. For further queries, please contact W. CURATOR.

T/F : +82-2-6417-2036
E : lim@wgallery.net
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Member Artists of W. GALLERY

Sung-Hee Kim ( ) : wgallery.net
Myung-Wha Jung ( ٥ ) : arthwa.com
Jong-Bok Kim ( ) : jongbok.com (To be updated)

W. GALLERY helps build a personal homepage for the artists who do not have their own, while creates site links to the wW. GALLERY for those who already have one, along with additional management services on various levels.