Natasha Lien

WGallery is proud to present Natasha Lien's art collection that was produced during her 2014 vacation in Petra, Jordan. Natasha’s artworks bring her audience closer to the site of her art production. In this collection, her Royal Tomb with Camels oil on canvas connects both cultural and landscape perspectives of Jordan. The renowned histological and archaeological city – Petra is also known as Rose City due to the colour of the stone in the terrain. 

Natasha Lien is a recipient of several art awards and she is recognized in Britain for her artworks. Natasha Lien was also featured by NaoRococo. The article unveils her favourite choice of medium, her interests for arts and to producing impressive artworks. 

Her collection of Petra, Jordan paintings are Lot 1A to Lot 1E; Lot 2A Toledo and Lot 2B Hampstead Heath, London -presented by WGallery, The Waterhouse.