[Individual Exhibitions : 29 times]
¤ıNational Museum of Contemporary Art, Chosun Gallery, Seoul Arts Center, Bon Gallery,
  Insa Art Center, Jung-ang Gallery,Daebaek Gallery, Dong-Won Gallery, etc.
¡Ø The latest exhibition: held in Dec. 2011, Bon Gallery

[Group Exhibitions & Others]
¤ıArt International Zurich (Switzerland)
¤ıArt Expo New York, Miami Art Fair, Palm Beach Art Fair (U.S.A.)
¤ıLe Salon Exhibition, Salon Comparaison (Paris, France)
¤ıMoscow Art Fair (Russia), Shanghai Art Fair (China)
¤ıSeoul Art Fair (3 times, Seoul Arts center)
¤ıChong-dam Art Fair (Chong Gallery), Korea Art Fair (Municipal Art Museum) 
¤ıBongsan Art Fair (Soo Gallery, Donwon Gallery)
¤ıThe Exhibition of a Painting in a Family 
¤ıThe Exhibition of the Presentation of 2IC Korean Art (Seoul Arts center)
¤ıInternational Biennale: 12 nations (Dong-A Gallery)
¤ıThe Exhibition of International Artists (Paris, France)
¤ıOver 200 other invitational or group exhibitions

¤ıAwarded the 5th Prize of Today's Artist
¤ıMember of screening committee for the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea
¤ıProvided art works for KBS TV dramas such as <Spring Waltz>, <House of People>,
  <Autumn In My Heart>, <Propose>, <Invitation>, etc.
¤ıWrote a prose poetry book <Things that can't be painted> (1996/2005)
¤ıMember of Korean Fine Arts Association & Sang-hyung Exhibition Group
  (ADR : Hyundae Lakevil 2002, Sonpa-Dong 31-2, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, Korea)

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